A Vision of Praise

What if as a creative mind and believer in Jesus Christ, you had a place online where you could express your praise to God with your art, your talent in a continuous and joint effort?

Do you have a place online where you can come back to occasionally, and freely lift your heart to God using your gifts, your talents and skills, together with a band of different Christian creatives? And even enjoy the gifts and talents of others? Just like a church and without it being as part of your weekly job?

Sure you do create already for your own church, for your own business, for church resources websites; you are known through inspiration lists, conferences and other media… You participate in lots of places where you are giving a part of yourself.

Sure, it may look at the end to all like any another inspiring website or ministry resource for the churches. You may get noticed by a new client, who knows; but there is no promise for that being the case. Or you may find it boring all together at first. It does not change the fact that this place is seeking to be committed and consecrated to worship Jesus alone. All the things around are just extras.

So, what about you join me in designing a personal praise today, like fumes of incense rising up to God? Together, we will be a new type of priesthood.

For His glory only.